About Aerin Dree

Singaporean-born Danial Lee launched his brand online in 26 January 2018, focuses on "realway" that capture the essence of a Fashion Runway and integrate it into a more real-world settings.

It reflects a smart-casual style, versatile for both work and after, having it relatable and wearable for everyday wear.

Danial was first introduced to Fashion when he saw the runway on TV during his teenage years and proceeded to experiment different type of styles. Soon after, he began receiving requests from people to spruce their image for various occasion.

Until one day, one person suggested to him to open up his own brand. Out of curiosity, he began to research, experiment and did a few small projects. So here he is, in the early twenties founded a brand. Exactly not a creation of an artist but also not that as a true businessman. But just for the act of having his own freedom in creating his own universe.